Marketing the Apocalypse: Left Behind and Commercial Indulgence (Writing at Convergent Books)


I'm at the Convergent Books blog today writing about Left Behind: While it probably doesn’t need to be said, I’ll go ahead and say it. I think the fear being marketed with the appearance of holy intentions is not only completely unholy and driven primarily by commercial profit, but also betrays a perverse enjoyment of superiority over a purely evil “them.” This is the truly destructive nature of rapture theology. It pits a righteous “us” against the “left behind.” The “unbelievers.” Muslim terro … [Read more...]

[VIDEO] The (Terribly Overwrought) Left Behind Move Trailer is Out!


The trailer for the upcoming Left Behind movie is out. And boy, is it ever earnest and fake-intense and terribly overwrought and just aching for blockbuster status. But alas, it will not achieve any such status because it is a "Christian" movie pushing an absurd cultural theology with absurd looking characters and absurd sounding dialogue. But hey, all for the glory, right?!Enjoy: … [Read more...]