The Roman Catholic Steven Furtick?


While this falls outside the evangelical Celebrity Christianity trend, the tendency toward abusing position and power in the church in order to serve selfish and excessive desires knows no denomination. The story of John Myers, Archbishop of Newark is heartbreaking (and infuriating). It's the kind of thing the current Pope seems intent on rooting out. And we evangelical-type Christians should be intent on the same. This does not honor Jesus. For generations, this blond brick Catholic elementary … [Read more...]

Incarnational Boundaries

As the season of Advent┬árolls on, we inch closer and closer to the moment of release, when our waiting gives way to the celebration of Incarnation.Simply put, Incarnation means embodiment. It's the idea that in the Messiah divinity became forever intertwined with humanity, and the original purpose of the pinnacle of creation - humankind - was reified and super-fulfilled. That is, because of Jesus, our entire embodied reality was affirmed as holy and spiritual, even as we are invited to be … [Read more...]