Deeper, Richer, Fuller: The Cross and Consumerism in Brian Zahnd’s New Book

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Brian Zahnd's brand new memoir Water To Wine. Brian has been gracious enough to let me share portions from each chapter over the next couple months. BZ's journey resonates with me greatly, not least because I've also been caught up in a water-to-wine story. This excerpt expresses more of that journey - which begins at the cross.Seen in the light of the Easter dawn, the cross is revealed to be the lost Tree of Life.In the middle of a world do … [Read more...]

The Lost Cause of the Prosperity Gospel

While it's not surprising that a who's who of prosperity gospel televangelists held a prayer meeting with Donald Trump at the Trump Tower, it is at least striking that a group of Christian leaders would so readily discredit both themselves and the gospel they claim to believe.Truly, the prosperity gospel itself discredits everyone and everything associated with it, but this was just like, "Hey, gross abuse of the gospel for personal gain, I'm gonna see your 60 million dollar Gulfstream … [Read more...]

HBO’s John Oliver takes televangelists and prosperity preachers to task – and it is PERFECT

On Sunday night, John Stewart's true heir apparent set his sights on the still-booming televangelist/prosperity gospel industry, digging up current footage of the uber-slimy Robert Tilton, and treating us to more mainstream hucksters like Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Creflo Dollar, and Mike Murdoch - the latter of which may, by my reckoning, actually be the slimiest con-man of them all.In his characteristic style (with plenty of English fooking's), Oliver blows the lid off the IRS exemptions … [Read more...]