Three Reasons You’re Not Too Smart for Orthodoxy


In my experiences within both conservative and progressive Christian circles, there seems to be a kind of mutual playing in the politics of fear with regard to the other. On the conservative side, progressives are viewed as morally bankrupt libertine weaklings who lack the backbone to stand up to "the culture." In the words of one famous conservative preacher, this is because they are a bunch of ivory tower elites who are "educated beyond their intelligence."But on the progressive side, the … [Read more...]

RHE, Millennials, & the Shadow Church

By now, most folks have read Rachel Held Evans's viral piece for CNN - "Why Millennials are Leaving the Church" - and probably blogged or tweeted their sage-like responses. And CNN ran a follow-up article from Rachel today, bringing some balancing emphasis on "Why Millennials Need the Church." This short entry in response to the initial article is thus both late to the party and kinda premature based on the second piece. But, alas, I am a blogger and I can do no other.What RHE attempts in "W … [Read more...]