Donald Trump and Franklin Graham: An Eruption of the Real

The following is a poem by the pseudonymous Blind Man at the Gate. It was inspired by a revealing statement recently made by Franklin Graham. An Eruption of the Real by Blind Man at the GateIt’s an eruption of the real when With the son of Billy Graham “Make America Great Again” Trumps “I was a stranger and you took me in”A ridiculous red hat Trumps The words written in redWe want a wall A real classy wall Make it fifty feet tall To keep “them” out You know, Mexicans Wet … [Read more...]

Take Down That Flag – But Don’t Stop There. The Wolves Have Teeth. [James Gribble]

photo: agasfer, CC via FlickrWhen that one flag comes down in Charleston, watch how many flags go up all over the country. Watch how they sell out at the truck stops. The removal of one flag is not the end of anything. It is another beginning. It will provoke this hateful ideology to greater boldness. When symbols of (White) supremacy are supplanted, beneficiaries of the status quo will always circle their young and show their teeth.It isn't as if the wolves were toothless, before. They … [Read more...]

#FFFF: Andy Gill

I used to be a pastor, a youth pastor to be exact, but I quickly came to find that church wasn’t for me. The churches I attended felt more like country clubs for the elite, where we learned how to appear moral and nice, it was the message of, "Be everything but who you are."I was tired of pretending. I was tired of lying. I was tired of feeling forced to put on a mask every Sunday morning.I grew up in a caucasian conservative evangelical church, and have worked in only conservative e … [Read more...]

#FFFF: Abby Norman

I don’t want to be your white savior.When I tell you about the schools I used to teach at, the ones that burn in my heart, the ones I cannot stop thinking about on my slow drive up to my current suburban classroom, it is not so you can be impressed with me and what I used to do. It is not so you can say how hip and with it I am. I am not some sainted super-hero. I am just a girl with a teaching degree trying to pay off her student loans.I don’t want to be your white savior.I don’t wan … [Read more...]