What I Mean By “New Charismatics”

As I relaunch this blog as Faithfindings, I want to designate a space here for posts by and about the New Charismatics.But who are the New Charismatics, you ask?I wrote this piece for Onfaith a few months ago that gives at least a summary glance at what I mean by the term. It's not a formal category (you know, like Southern Baptist or Episcopalian), but it is descriptive of a stream, a movement of sorts, that a growing number of us identify with. And no matter what you call it, there are … [Read more...]

Sorting out the Bible | Sarah Bessey Brings a Good Word on Jesus-Centered Faith

How Jesus changes the way I read Scripture Forgot to share this one a couple weeks ago - I absolutely LOVE how Sarah is expressing the impact of Jesus-centered interpretation on her faith. Especially her view of Scripture.Amazing quote here: Jesus reveals the Scriptures to us. How we read the whole of Scripture must be informed by the person of Jesus Christ because God is exactly like Jesus. The entire Bible—the whole story arc—must be read and understood through the Cross and the Res … [Read more...]