N.T. Wright Speaking at Google? N.T. Wright Speaking at Google!!

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And it's all kinds of awesome. See what happens when the good bishop bring some Simply Good News (not good advice) to those at the mecca of technology:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEIjaHOcGFcWhat are your thoughts? … [Read more...]

The Best Christian Dating Site EVER: ChristianTingle.com

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Is this a parody? BECAUSE IT ALMOST ISN'T! Here are parts 1 and 2 of the hilarious ChristianTingle.com spoof by Tripp & Tyler:Part 1:Part 2: What do you think? Is this a startlingly accurate take on dating in Christian Culture? … [Read more...]

Don’t Throw Rocks – Mark Driscoll’s Humble Plea?

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It's been a busy week-or-so with Mark Driscoll news and content, but I wanted to share this video from his sermon last Sunday as a (hopefully) final entry in this saga, at least for a while. It is very likely that his sermon was referencing, at least in part, some of the controversy surrounding him and Mars Hill in recent days. Mark seemed to produce a tone of humility, and, in a different part of the sermon, even gave a very vague kind of apology.In this segment, Driscoll drew out the … [Read more...]

Video: Mark Driscoll’s Right Wing Resurgence

For a while I've been suggesting that what's usually called the neo-reformed or neo-calvinist movement is producing a new religious right in America.That is, a Christian movement framed primarily according to conservative political stances. And this is important because new life is being breathed into what seemed to be a dying trend among evangelicals. As we speak, Mark Driscoll is holding his Resurgence Conference, right on the heels of the release of his new book, A Call to … [Read more...]

Stanley Hauerwas on the Definition of a Christian

For me, wow.What about for you? Does Hauerwas get the definition right here? … [Read more...]