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Can a Christian Lose Salvation?
Can I be sure I am going to Heaven? Read more
by Adrian Warnock | Adrian Warnock
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What about "Sheep-Stealing"?
One kinnd of proselytizing is trying to persuade a Christian from one church body into joining your church body. Read more
by Gene Veith | Cranach
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Bringing Back Simplicity
The American Dream is a bit of a farce. We all want to pursue happiness, but too often we do so by chasing the almighty dollar, and frankly, that’s stressful. Read more
by Brenda Renee Coats | Felix Culpa
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Revelation 17 - Who is Mystery Babylon?
Apparently, St. John forgot the rock and roll. I mean, the sex and drugs (alcohol) are here, so where’s the rock and roll to complete the unholy trinity? Read more
by Fr. Charles Erlandson Erlandson | Give Us This Day
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Puritan Cruelty and Quaker Suffering
Not only did the Puritans kill, maim, and whip Quakers, but they enjoyed it. Read more
by John Turner | Anxious Bench
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What Is True Success
God does want us to be successful, but what God’s idea of success as opposed to the worlds? Read more
by Jack Wellman | Christian Crier
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