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5 Ways to Rebuild Trust After Divorce
Many people write to me about the topic of rebuilding trust after divorce. One thing that I’m sure to tell them is that it is a process and takes time. This is one thing that I knew instinctively... Read more
by Terry Gaspard | Terry Gaspard
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The First Step: Giving Up
I haven’t been shy about detailing the rocky early years of my marriage to Karen. Both of us were certain that our marriage was destined for greatness—that we would never fight, never get tired of... Read more
by Jimmy Evans | MarriageToday
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The Relationship Between Thought and Feeling
Any given day, there is a lot swirling inside of us. There are a few things that make us human; a handful of unavoidable realities we must interact with in order to live a sane life. Generally... Read more
by Willis Joey | Victorious Living
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God's Strength in My Weakness
"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." When many of us heard Dory say this in Finding Nemo, it became our life motto. As we work through the pressures of the day and are caring for the additional... Read more
by Sandra Peoples | Not Alone: Special-Needs Parenting
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3 Back to School Tips for Dad - What's Important and What's Not
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Hold on a minute... I thought Christmas time was the most wonderful time of the year! Well, it is. But back to school now rivals Christmas for merchandise!... Read more
by Eduardo Quintana | Manly Training Ministries
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Christian But Not a Virgin: Am I Damaged Goods?
While sex is a sin that comes with many lurking consequences (like every other sin), it doesn’t define who you are, who you’ll be, nor where you’re headed in life. Read more
by Married And Young | Married and Young
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