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The Warning Signs of Divorce
Jimmy Evans discusses the proven warning signs that can lead to a divorce. By recognizing these symptoms, you can have a lasting marriage and end the devastation of divorce for you and your family. Read more
by Jimmy Evans | MarriageToday
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Can't Buy Me Love - How to Handle it When Your Shopping Creates Conflict
Craig makes a good income, and Lindsay always sticks to their budget—but Lindsay feels like Craig is always nervous about her spending, and it makes her nuts. She doesn’t see him as a control freak... Read more
by Shaunti Feldhahn | Ask Shaunti
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How Crazy Rich Asians Defines Family
While the main focus of the film is the romantic relationship between the two leads, there’s a surprising sub-story on what makes a good mom. Click here for a review of Crazy Rich Asians. For this... Read more
by Sarah Hamaker | Some Assembly Required
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Can You Pass The MANHOOD Test?
I am starting a series on Biblical manhood. I think it's important to look at what the Bible calls us to be and do as Christian men. What biblical passages do we look at for Biblical manhood? What... Read more
by Eduardo Quintana | Manly Training Ministries
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Pain is an Inevitable Step on the Journey Towards Intimacy
As much as we avoid pain, there are several benefits to turmoil. Although it hurts, there are a few things that can be gained exclusively (or most effectively) through suffering. It is for these... Read more
by Willis Joey | Victorious Living
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A Simple Practice to Bring More Harmony Into Every Relationship
Our relationships with one another are often a source of distress. One major form of conflict we experience with others involves their failure to give us the consideration we feel they owe us. We... Read more
by Guest Contributor | Hearth and Home
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