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For the Shame of it All: Overcoming the Culture of Shame and Guilt
We live in a culture where shame and guilt permeate everything and everyone with an infection so destructive and thorough; and it seems there's no antidote. We often witness the destructive nature... Read more
by Joe Puentes | Joe Puentes
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Showing Kindness to Myself
When we found out we'd be moving back to the Bay Area in the middle of May, I cloaked myself in bravery. I would be brave. I would put on my bravest face, and even if tears fell - because they... Read more
by Cara Meredith | Coloring Outside the Lines
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One of These Things Is Not Like the Other: Real Christianity?
I begin with the best of intentions, but rabbit holes multiply like bunnies, and are nigh on irresistible. I’m teaching a course this fall on Evangelical spirituality, and so it started with Francis... Read more
by Kathleen Mulhern | Dry Bones
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Is It Okay to Be Mad at God?
Sometimes I wonder if God knows what he’s doing. I wonder that right now, nearing the end of a summer in which funerals have been a more common occurrence in our family than weddings or graduation... Read more
by Chris Williams | Mere Chris-ianity
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Full Circle Center, Part 1: Beyond Doubt
There's no doubt that we are living in a shifting time. But if the early aughts were about American Christianity emerging, and the 2010's have been about progressing, it seems to me the next decade... Read more
by Zach Hoag | Zach Hoag Is Uncategorized
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Do We Understand Where God Already Is?
Today on The Porch I am hosting my good friend, writer and liturgist, Aaron Niequist.  His new book, The Eternal Current: How a Practice-Based Faith Can Save Us from Drowning, is set to release next... Read more
by Jerusalem Jackson Greer | The Porch
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