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Is the Gospel Good News if People Aren’t Transformed?
The problem runs deep for those of us who profess to follow Christ. Does the gospel transform lives? Is the Holy Spirit at work within us? Read more
by Brad Roth | The Doxology Project
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It's Nothing Personal: Systemic Sin in Ordinary Time
We're prone to take the healing stories of Jesus very personally. We see the Gospel as Jesus coming to save one person (me), to forgive my sins (which I commit in a bubble), to send me to Heaven... Read more
by Laura Jean Truman | Old Things New
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Whatever, John MacArthur: You've Got the Wrong God
Christian Twitter was alive with conversation of social justice this last week, mostly because of this statement against social justice, signed by nearly 5,000 pastors, writers and lay leaders. I,... Read more
by Cara Meredith | Coloring Outside the Lines
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Your Inner Voice is Your Worst Enemy
I pity anyone who was my friend when I was single. I was the king of second-guessing my dates, and my friends had to bear the brunt of my neuroses. “We talked for three hours — do you think she’s... Read more
by Chris Williams | Mere Chris-ianity
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I Ain't Your Prodigal Son
I ain't your prodigal son. I ain't your older brother. I'm the servant in the servant's quarters, cleaning the bathroom floor, setting the table for your party. I was thinking about the prodigal son... Read more
by Zach Hoag | Zach Hoag Is Uncategorized
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Listening to Spirit: Interpreting the Diversity of the Divine Voice
For some time now, the motto of my denomination, the United Church of Christ, has been “God is still speaking.” This leaves us to wonder: how do we listen? It’s such an important question. What is... Read more
by | Spiritual Direction 101
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