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Eclipse-Nirvana: Contemporary Devotional Music by Aks & Lakshmi
I had an opportunity to hear a wonderful husband-wife musician duo as part of a recent trip to Indianapolis:  Ashwin Krishnan Subramanian and Lakshmi Chandrashekar Subramanian presented their... Read more
by | Seeking Shanti
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Indigenous Banking in Ancient India
I happened to see a book 'Indian Indigenous Banking' by a Mr. Gubbay, and was surprised to read that it largely dealt with the activities of Joint Stock Banks in India, and the Indian Indigenous... Read more
by Sunil Daman | Hindu 2.0
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A Few Hatha Yoga Articles
A few Hatha Yoga articles from the Isha Blog. Contents are given below. The Basics An Introduction to the Origin of Yoga Sadhguru tells the story of Shiva, the first yogi and guru, and how he... Read more
by Sunil Daman | Hindu 2.0
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Your Week in Hindu Worship
Trying to migrate this to a once weekly post! I don't want to repeat the same parts that are the same every week so this will be a post for the basics of each day of the week and then I'll try to... Read more
by Ambaa Choate | The White Hindu
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You Are How People Know Your God
I was recently reading about some hateful comments Derek Dillard, of the despicable* Duggar clan, said about a 16 year old girl and it got me thinking about how our words and actions tell people who... Read more
by Ambaa Choate | The White Hindu
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Purushartha: Pursuing the Four Goals of a Human Life
My focus on doing the right thing(s) means that these days, my Facebook notifications and my newsfeed are filled to the brim with all of the things I should read, attend, sign on to, donate to and... Read more
by | Seeking Shanti
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