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Memo to Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman: Moderate Islam needs Democracy
You can listen to this article in audio podcast by clicking here. Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman is projecting himself as a champion of moderate Islam who promises to return Saudi Arabia to... Read more
by Muqtedar Khan | The Rational Sufi
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Dear Former Self - Here Are Some Autism and Life Things You Need...
This is Day Four of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 4, 2017. Dear Former Self, Boy, are you in for a ride. I could write a whole book to you, and maybe this will be just part one of several... Read more
by | Muslimah Next Door
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How to Help Seniors Maintain Their Independence
The number of Americans aged 65 or over is set to double in the next thirty years. Studies show that for most of this aging population, their preference is to remain in their own homes for as long... Read more
by irfanrydhan | Al Mihrab
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Sweet as the Sunnah: 5 ways to Hit on a Muslimah
Imagine this scenario: It's morning rush hour and you are waiting on the platform for the express train. Train pulls up and the doors spring wide open. The train is packed, as usual, with folks... Read more
by Ihssan Tahir | MUSLIMNLOVE
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This Is Why Muslim Men Need to Stop Commenting on Women's Hijab
"You're not wearing the hijab properly. Women who dress like that are cursed." "Sister, you are misleading the younger generation of Muslimahs." "You shouldn't bother wearing the hijab at all if you... Read more
by Bessma Haider | Mostly Muslim
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A Muslim Reflects on Sister Jean, Loyola and the Power of Being an...
But the underdog narrative is also larger than basketball. It resonates at a moment when galvanized high school students challenge the intimidating pro-gun lobby, as immigrants seek to preserve... Read more
by Guest Contributor | altmuslim
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