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Do Muslims Revere Jesus More Than Christians?
Was Jesus a Jew or a Christian? If he was a Jew, how do you reconcile that the “founder” of Christianity was not a Christian himself? Why do 1.6 billion Muslims around the globe think Jesus and his... Read more
by Ejaz Naqvi, MD | Ask A (Born Again) Muslim
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Unveiling Fear in a Time of Islamophobia
My Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of friends and acquaintances wondering if they should replace their headscarves with hoodies. Muslim women afraid that they will bear the brunt of violent... Read more
by Hind Makki | Hindtrospectives
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Sacred Space: Making Prayer Beautiful
My childhood memories of the mosque hardly evoke the idea of sacred space. I recall damp basements with mouldy walls (and the occasional mushroom growth), stifling in summer and so cold in winter we... Read more
by Saimma Dyer | The Living Tradition
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3 Types of Family Members You Shouldn’t Give Up On
For many, family members are people who make life worth living. If you have good relationships with them especially, you may find that they play vital roles in your life. For one, many of them... Read more
by irfanrydhan | Al Mihrab
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Responding with RAHMA in Practice
by Nadiah Mohajir As more individuals feel more empowered to disclose and speak up about their sexual assault, it is increasingly important that everyone have the tools to respond compassionately... Read more
by HEART Women & Girls | Heartfelt
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Patience: The Key to Joy
Patience has been on my mind a lot recently, perhaps because I realise it’s a virtue I need to cultivate. I often notice how I become impatient when I am thwarted, or even just momentarily... Read more
by Daniel Thomas Dyer | The Living Tradition
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