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How Faith Breaks Your Feeler
In my last post, I enumerated about a dozen ways faith normalizes bad thinking, teaching us to view what the rest of the world deems logical fallacies as simply "the way you're supposed to think."... Read more
by Neil Carter | Godless in Dixie
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#TimesUp: David Silverman’s Firing is a Wake-Up Call to Secular Movement
This is a personal statement about the disturbing allegations in yesterday’s BuzzFeed article concerning David Silverman, until yesterday president of American Atheists. Read more
by Annie Laurie Gaylor | Freethought Now!
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"Activist Mommy": I'll Sue Schools Teaching Sex Ed for Violating...
Education is not obscene. Though I suppose it would be for people like her... Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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Eight Rules for Understanding Our Teenage President
As many have noted, Donald Trump is not the least bit interested in public policy and he has no governing ideology whatsoever. What he has is a set of deep-seated psychological compulsions that he... Read more
by Ed Brayton | Dispatches From the Culture Wars
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Zingers: A Painful Truth That (Many) Christians Don't Want to Face
Last time we met up, we looked at Lydia McGrew's take on it. She wrote a sort of Argument from Jesus' Resurrection Totally Happened So Christianity Itself Is Totally True. Among its many flaws, her... Read more
by Cassidy McGillicuddy | Roll to Disbelieve
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Speak of the Devil: New Pope Document References Satan More Than...
Pope Francis wants you to know hell is real. Just like the devil. Read more
by Terry Firma | Friendly Atheist
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