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When Will New York Elect an Atheist Mayor?
In liberal, diverse blue cities, there’s not as much of a call for firebrand atheism. Read more
by Adam Lee | Daylight Atheism
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Pope Francis: The Church Is “Hemorrhaging” Priests; “God Only Knows”...
If we're lucky, there will come a day when we don't need any priests at all. Read more
by David G. McAfee | Friendly Atheist
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How Trump is Destroying Important Political Norms
Conservative foreign policy expert Max Boot has a column in the Washington Post looking at the important political norms, like separation of powers and the rule of law, that Donald Trump is rapidly... Read more
by Ed Brayton | Dispatches From the Culture Wars
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Christian Pastor: I Have Proof the Luciferians Who Run the Planet...
Rodney Howard-Browne isn't some fringe loner. He's a Christian leader with access to the president who made these comments at a conference for pastors. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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The Satanic Temple and YWCA Settle Donation Dispute Like Adults
Hooray for some good news! In a joint statement released by YWCA both groups regretted the confluence of influences that lead to the dust-up, which temporarily left donations collected by TST-AZ... Read more
by Jack Matirko | For Infernal Use Only
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Faith’s Terrifyingly ‘Self-Evident’ Self-Delusion
Let's stop kidding ourselves continuing to accommodate the imaginary delusions of faith. They're not real. Period. End of story. Read more
by Rick Snedeker | Godzooks: The Faith in Facts Blog
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