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Spain's New Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, is an Atheist
It's the first time in modern history that a leader of Spain didn't swear his oath on the Bible. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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Rotted Fruit: Al Mohler and the Conservative Resurgence
We'll see how he secured a movement that is so important to him that he will quickly, happily even, destroy millions of people's lives to protect it. And we'll see why he's so intent on protecting... Read more
by Cassidy McGillicuddy | Roll to Disbelieve
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Christian Soccer Star Quit National Team To Avoid Wearing LGBT Pride...
Soccer player Jaelene Hinkle had no problem collecting checks when the money came from gay fans, but she refused to wear a jersey celebrating Pride Month. Read more
by David G. McAfee | Friendly Atheist
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White Nationalist Richard Spencer's Genetic Ancestry Test Shows African...
If all of us have mixed and varied DNA from across numerous ethnic groups, does race matter all that much? Read more
by David G. McAfee | No Sacred Cows
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Argentinian Culture Minister Criticized for Taking a Bite of Jesus...
Enrique Avogadro apologized for eating the arm of Jesus, even though he did nothing wrong. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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Religion Keeps Not Finding God
There’s a marvelously complicated tree of world religions that illustrates our evolving interpretations of the divine. What does it mean that these forms of belief continue to diverge? Read more
by Bob Seidensticker | Cross Examined
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