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Here's What Church/State Groups Are Saying About SCOTUS Pick Brett...
Brett Kavanaugh "will unquestionably eviscerate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment," said one group. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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A Charming Plan to Unveil Donald Trump’s Tax Returns
A recent criminal complaint against President Trump might finally force him to cough up his tax returns. Read more
by Rick Snedeker | Godzooks: The Faith in Facts Blog
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Are You Fleeing Communism? On the Right's Litmus Tests for Refugees
This is not a story of conservative congregations moving from an acceptance of refugees in the late 1970s and early 1980s to opposition to refugees today. Instead, it is a story of a political Right... Read more
by Libby Anne | Love, Joy, Feminism
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Mister Rogers, The Lessons We Forgot, The Work We Must Do
I heard his voice singing to me as he put on his cardigan. In a room full of people he was speaking to me because I was lonely. I closed my eyes and could feel rust colored carpeting against my... Read more
by Patrick L Green | TransParent Expedition
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When Pope Francis Visits Ireland, Protesters Will Greet Him with...
This is a brilliant, peaceful way to respond to the Catholic Church's atrocities. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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Lawyers Who Sleep And Get Drunk During Trials Are Defending Capital...
It almost sounds like a slapstick comedy script. A defendant is on trial for a capital offence and faces the death penalty. His lawyer decides the trial is a great time to catch up on some sleep.... Read more
by Courtney Heard | Godless Mom
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