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The Thai Cave Rescue Is Inspirational Precisely Because It's NOT...
A dramatic rescue unfolded in Thailand this past month. Now, with its successful conclusion, people begin to bandy about words like miracle to describe what happened. Because I'm very helpful that... Read more
by Cassidy McGillicuddy | Roll to Disbelieve
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A Judge Has Ruled Against Atheists Trying to Put Up the Least Offensive...
A Pennsylvania judge said a local transit system had every right to reject this ad with the word "Atheists." Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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Why A Top Religious Studies Scholar Is Now An Atheist
North Carolina religious professor Bart Ehrman saw the light brightly before he couldn't see it at all. It's about finding truth. Read more
by Rick Snedeker | Godzooks: The Faith in Facts Blog
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The Studio Behind "God's Not Dead" Wants Film Rights to the Thai...
This studio has a reputation for putting out heavy-handed faith-based films prone to mockery. Why would anyone trust them with this story? Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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Why Do Humanists, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, And Almost Everyone Else,...
Humanists, along with monotheists like Jews, Muslims and Sikhs, and almost everyone else from all world religions except Christianity, doubt Jesus was divine. But why would anyone doubt Jesus was... Read more
by J. H. McKenna, Ph.D. | Humanist Plus
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Kirk Cameron's New Website Will Help Your Family Be More Like His
"It's the website we've been waiting for," said no one. Read more
by Sarahbeth Caplin | Friendly Atheist
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