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Witchcraft Is About Seeking Power
Do not be fooled, Witchcraft is about power. In fact, that seems to be one of the commonly agreed aspects which distinguishes Witchcraft from other practices and traditions. Read more
by Mat Auryn | For Puck’s Sake
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A Wild God
The god was invited, seduced to join us. And He came. Read more
by Phoenix LeFae | The Witches Next Door
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Five Good Reasons to Be a Pagan
There are all sorts of good reasons to embrace Modern Paganism. Read more
by Jason Mankey | Raise the Horns
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Stations of the Day: Encompassing the Indefinability of Witchcraft
Sometimes, I'm asked what witchcraft is. Rather than a definition, what I have are memories, feelings, impressions, and experiences, all of which add up to something elusive, inexpressible,... Read more
by Misha Magdalene | Outside the Charmed Circle
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Following the Hoof Prints of the Old One
Among the many forms taken by the great Horned God of Old, this article explores some of the connections between ancient deities Saturn, Cronos, and Janus. Read more
by Coby Michael Ward | Poisoner's Apothecary
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Gatekeepers, Porters, and Sacrificers
Indo-European mythology is full of gatekeepers, psychopomps, and sacrificers. There is one in every pantheon. Read more
by Chris Godwin | From a Common Well
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