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Of the 27 Deadliest Mass Shooters, 26 of Them Had One Thing in Common
After all, it is boys and men who are typically to blame for violent acts of aggression. Ergo, testosterone—the defining hormone of masculinity—must be to blame. But testosterone has been around... Read more
by Mark Meckler | Mark Meckler
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NPR Interviews David French about His Piece on Gun-Violence Restraining...
This morning, NPR's David Greene interviewed National Review writer David French about the topic of the "gun violence restraining order," on which he wrote a viral post last week Read more
by Martha English | Access Politics
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White House Blames Congress: "No Balanced Budget for the Next 10...
Instead of following his advice, Mulvaney said Monday, Congress 'pounded the hell out of me.' Who's to blame? Read more
by Convention of States | Convention of States
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LeBron James Blasts Trump, Then Says ‘I Will Not Shut Up and Dribble’
I love it that people are more politically active than ever.  But calling people ignorant and mischaracterizing each other is not the right way to go. Read more
by Bristol Palin | Bristol Palin
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