Exciting New Heretic’s Guide Features

Howdy Holy Heretics!

First of all, thank you so much for hanging in there with us as we have gotten this new premium model up and off the ground. Although I trust you have been getting some value already from the content in the community we are trying to build here, I feel certain your experience will only improve from here on out.

For starters, the feedburner  email subscription function is now fully operational.  This means that, is you submit your email a little bit of the way down on the right sidebar, you will receive an automatic email notification every time I post something new on this site. I know this has been appointed confusion for some people who thought.nothing new was being added common all the while missing our weekly live chats and in-depth lectionary study guides. If you added your email to this subscription list before, you probably got an extensive Digest recently with summaries of many of the previous posts I have added. If not, just add your preferred email address and you will get these free notifications.

This is also a feature that will work for those who are not yet members the heretics guide community. They are now able to browse  introductory blurbs of each the posts, followed by an invitation to join us with a subscription.  this also means that we can now use social media tools like Facebook and twitter to share at least portions of your favorite posts on this site with others period in fact, I strongly encourage you to do so, with the hope that we will spread the word about this growing community to others who would find value in it.

Soon, we will be adding even more features, such as a discussion forum that will allow subscribers to generate their own topical threads on any related subjects that they choose.  I’m also very excited that we are adding several new premium bloggers in the next couple of weeks,  including Bruce Reyes-Chow,  Doug Pagitt  and others.  Keep an eye out in the next day or two for the new Patheos premium landing page,  accessible from each of the channel home pages and the main Patheos homepage, to explore the growing list of options.

There are a few of you, it turns out, who may have signed up at one time for our study guides, but who are not able to access the full site.  This most likely is because, although you created a username and password, you did not complete the  subscription process by processing payment through PayPal.  This is very easily remedied by going in and double checking to make sure you have not yet been charged by us for your subscription. If so, feel free to use the same username and password you created originally, and simply complete the subscription process. Or you can start fresh and sign up from scratch.

Finally, I want to apologize for the tardiness of my next study guide. In general, I try my best to have study guides posted 13 days before the Sunday for which it will be used for preaching.  unfortunately, a computer hiccup caused me to lose the entire study right near the end, so I am in the process of rebuilding it. I will do my best to have it posted by Wednesday.

I’m honored to have each of you as fellow companions on this new and interesting journey. Always feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ideas that might help make this community better for you and the rest of us.