When Shall We Meet for LIVE CHATS?

Hi all:

I’ve heard from many folks that, although they’d like to take part in the live chats, the time doesn’t really work for them. I thought about setting up a survey, but then folks might be limited to choosing one time that works, rather than multiple times.

So instead, I decided I’d just post this and ask folks to respond to it with days and general times that work. Please specify time zone, since we’re all over the place.

I can also just record a video summary of the study if that’s preferable, or simply do a conference call (though you can currently dial in for the live chats or join by webcam or text). Of if you really don’t care for any of that and just want the  study, that’s good to know too.

Finally, we’ve switched over from the free version of AnyMeeting to a pro version. Good news is that this automatically records our chats to allow me to embed them into the blog archives! Bad news is I have to post the invite link in a blog post like this and ask people to register that way instead of sending out email invites. So please keep an eye out for these popping up in your email notifications about new posts. And if you’re not getting those notices, subscribe to the RSS feed by entering your email address in the field in the right sidebar.