Would Jesus Take a Selfie? (Heretic’s Guide for Sun, Dec 8, 2013)

jesus selfie

Bible Cliff’s Notes (My dog ate my Bible!) First Reading Isaiah 11:1-10 The prophet offers a vision of hope to the people of Israel, who are under siege by the Assyrian army. In his future vision, humanity and the rest of creation are all woven together into a single tapestry of creation. There is a new order established, a promise of new growth and of stability and peace. Psalm Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19 A prayer for the welfare of the people’s king (not sure which one based on the … [Read more...]

An Important Announcement

Dear Heretics Guide Friends: First, let me thank you for taking part in this study with me. Some of you have been on board for nine months, since we birthed this bad boy. I hope you have enjoyed the journey and have been enriched by the content. Along those lines, I'm sad to announce I'll be discontinuing the blog at the end of this month. Demands on my time with other writing and work commitments simply have forced me to reassess my schedule for the coming year, and it was clear that … [Read more...]