An Important Announcement

Dear Heretics Guide Friends: First, let me thank you for taking part in this study with me. Some of you have been on board for nine months, since we birthed this bad boy. I hope you have enjoyed the journey and have been enriched by the content. Along those lines, I'm sad to announce I'll be discontinuing the blog at the end of this month. Demands on my time with other writing and work commitments simply have forced me to reassess my schedule for the coming year, and it was clear that … [Read more...]

Discussion/Reflection Questions for this week

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these in the comments below, or raise your own questions. Can doubt and faith coexist? How does that look for you? How do you feel about the statement: "The opposite of faith isn't doubt; the opposite of faith is certainty."? Is it fair for a church to ask their pastor to make explicit statements of faith? What things in your life challenge your faith the most? What do you do when you find yourself surrounded by doubt? … [Read more...]

LIVE CHAT Video from Sept 4th talk

Check out my talk with Rev. David Ackerman about this week's lectionary study. … [Read more...]

When Shall We Meet for LIVE CHATS?

Hi all: I've heard from many folks that, although they'd like to take part in the live chats, the time doesn't really work for them. I thought about setting up a survey, but then folks might be limited to choosing one time that works, rather than multiple times. So instead, I decided I'd just post this and ask folks to respond to it with days and general times that work. Please specify time zone, since we're all over the place. I can also just record a video summary of the study if … [Read more...]

Chill Out LIVE CHAT, Wednesday, 11AM Pacific

So we're trying a new PRO account in AnyMeeting this week, which should give us a higher quality connection, will be ad-free and will make it easier to record the event. We're not doing the email blast invite click on the link below to register for the Live Chat this Wednesday. … [Read more...]

My Video Chat with Jay Bakker

Thought my fellow Heretics might enjoy a sneak preview of a video interview I did with my friend, Jay Bakker, a day before I post it on my public blog. … [Read more...]

No Live Chat This Week

Greetings, my beloved  Heretics: Unfortunately I will not be available this Wednesday for our regular live chat.  I am at my denomination's international assembly and, aside from having little to no Internet connectivity, I am also under siege for my time while here.  I want to encourage everyone, however, to take this chance to light up the comment thread at the end of the study. I appreciate that folks subscribe for my work on this project, but that is only part of the formula. You … [Read more...]

Live Chat Drama

To any and all who are registered for the live chat this afternoon and were unable to join us, I apologize once again for technology spoiling our fun. Although we were able to  welcomed the few people who joined by conference call, with conference software failed us.  Thank you as always for your tremendous patience and understanding as we work out these new systems, never before attempted at Patheos. If you have any thoughts, concerns or questions about the lectionary study, "life or death … [Read more...]

Exciting New Heretic’s Guide Features

Howdy Holy Heretics! First of all, thank you so much for hanging in there with us as we have gotten this new premium model up and off the ground. Although I trust you have been getting some value already from the content in the community we are trying to build here, I feel certain your experience will only improve from here on out. For starters, the feedburner  email subscription function is now fully operational.  This means that, is you submit your email a little bit of the way down on … [Read more...]

“Which Way Did He Go, George?” Live Chat recap


Find answers to your questions in this week's live chat!  … [Read more...]