THOSE People (Video Overview for Apr 28, 2013 Texts)


If we're being honest, we all have "those people" in our lives. And chances are, you're "those people" to somebody else. But from what I can tell, God has some pretty great news for those people...hey, that's us! … [Read more...]

(hu)Man or Sheep? VIDEO Overview for April 21, 2013

sheep man

Should I be insulted when the Bible calls me a sheep? What is Peter doing raising people named Dorcas from the dead? Did Jesus really die for my sins? Those questions and more are on the roster in this week's Heretic's Guide to the Bible lectionary study. … [Read more...]

Naked Fishing! Magic Sandwiches! Jesus-Happy Earthworms! (Video Overview for Apr 14, 2013)

flyfishing naked

Naked Fishing! Magic fish sandwiches! Jesus-happy earthworms! Who says the Bible is boring??? … [Read more...]

Truth or Fact? (Video intro for April 7, 2013 Study)

Of course, if you're here, you can ignore the very last bit about subscribing, but the rest might help prime the mental pump for our current week's study. DIG IT! … [Read more...]