You Are Included! (Heretic’s Guide Bible Bonus)


Apologies for my silence over the past week, but a dear friend, and the wife of my Homebrewed CultureCast podcast cohost, died this past week. Special thanks go out to my friend and colleague, David Ackerman, for stepping up and offering a study for us to engage this week. Thanks David! And be sure to check out the links below to his book on often-overlooked Bible passages, "Beyond the Lectionary." “You Are Included!” A Heretic’s Guide to the Bible Bonus Readings from Beyond the … [Read more...]

It’s Not Fair! (Video Overview for May 5, 2013)

not fair

Is fairness the same as justice? Is there more than one kind of justice? Can God be just without being fair? Does this youtube make me look fat? Those questions and more in this week's Heretic's Guide to the Bible. … [Read more...]

THOSE People (Video Overview for Apr 28, 2013 Texts)


If we're being honest, we all have "those people" in our lives. And chances are, you're "those people" to somebody else. But from what I can tell, God has some pretty great news for those people...hey, that's us! … [Read more...]