“Which Way Did He Go, George?” Live Chat recap


Find answers to your questions in this week's live chat!  … [Read more...]

Video from LIVE CHAT – God is a Sock

Audio from other speakers this week was recorded....but had a freaky echo that was maddening. So you get highlights of me talking again this week!We covered a lot of ground, from the ethics of consuming pop culture (leading to a great talk on Game of Thrones), to the challenge of nonviolence, our relationship with evil, suffering, and even a reframing of the crucifixion. Good, good stuff. … [Read more...]

Jesus in Space! A VIDEO Breakdown


What if, while focusing on the big, obvious miracles, we miss the ones that can most readily change our lives, here and now? … [Read more...]

Naked Fishing! Magic Sandwiches! Jesus-Happy Earthworms! (Video Overview for Apr 14, 2013)

flyfishing naked

Naked Fishing! Magic fish sandwiches! Jesus-happy earthworms! Who says the Bible is boring??? … [Read more...]