I’m baaaaaaaack . . .

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So . . . I am back from the Philippines and, like that mythical perfect newborn, I am finally sleeping through the night ;-) Jetlag be gone! Again, my apologies about not being able to keep up with the BRC+ posts while away .  I really appreciate the patience, but if you feel like you want to unsubscribe, please let me know and I'll drop a note to the powers that be.  No hard feelings at all, very much understand. But . . . starting next week, I'm back on and will start providing some … [Read more...]

How I Evaluate Social Media Sites for Church Use

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With the second edition of The Definitive-ish Guide for Using Social Media in the Church in the works and my new BRC+ Premium Content Site about to drop, I am going to start evaluating social media sites in a more consistent way. I will give each site a rank from 1-5 with 5 being VERY helpful, to 1 being NOT HELPFUL. Connection - How well does this help to build community and interactivity? Curation - How well does this help with gathering and sharing content? Communication - How … [Read more...]

Welcome to BRC+

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Welcome to BRC+ If you are thinking about subscribing to BRC+... Full description and subscription info [here] How I will evaluate and review social media sites [here] What you'll get in your weekly Lectionary help [here] Check out some of the "full-access" post [here] If you have already subscribed to BRC+... First let me thank you for your willingness to sign up. To make sure that you do not miss out on any of the weekly posts you should make sure to to any or all of the … [Read more...]

Weekly Lectionary Help

Bruce Reyes-Chow Preaching Korean Stole

Each week, by Wednesday Morning if not before, you will receive a weekly lectionary help for the upcoming Sunday. For those who write sermons and plan worship months in advance, this these updates are probably not going to help much. Rather if your sermon writing is not coming along all that well or you simply need another set of eyes through which you interpret the weeks texts, these updates will be for you. That said, I will, on occasion post a few weeks at a time and will update even up to … [Read more...]