Three Reasons Why Instagram is My Happy Place

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One of my favorite social media services is Instagram. If you are a visual person and like just keeping up with people lives, this may be a great site for you. Instagram is a smart-phone based service is a little like Twitter - you follow and are followed- except rather than 140 characters you share an image with a little description. And like Facebook, your followers can "like" the picture or leave a comment. I wrote a longer review a ways back, but here are three reasons why I Instagram is … [Read more...]

Social Media Tip: Standardize your usernames

Hello my name is nametag

On first glance it seems a little silly to think too much about the names we use for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., but if you are serious - check that, thoughtful - about your social media use, you will take a moment and normalize as many of your usernames as possible. Here are three reasons to do so . . . … [Read more...]

The 10 Essential Social Media Sites for Church and Ministry

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UPDATED: August 19, 2013 First off, I hate these lists. Second . . . we often have to do things we hate because, sometimes, they are just helpful. So while I hate myself a little for pandering to the search trolls out there, after my first run at a Top 25 Social Media Sites for Church and Ministry, I figured I would attempt to answer a common question, "There are so many options out there, which ones are ESSENTIAL?" There are far too many disclaimers to list when putting a list like … [Read more...]