First Post! The Preface of The Ebony Exodus Project

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Friendly Atheist book club and to our first book, The Ebony Exodus Project. As we gain new members, I’m sure how we do things will evolve: Hemant, Emily and I may be leading the discussion but it belongs to all of us, so feel free to e-mail us at any time with topics you’d like to discuss, comments, or suggestions. We’ll be coming out with some standards over the next week or so to set expectations about how we work our way through the books we read and how we approach final discussion topics (through this forum, or as much as possible through moderated chat with the author).

For now, let’s jump right in and kick things off with a few questions about the preface of The Ebony Exodus Project (don’t worry, we’ll move pretty quickly, I just don’t want to miss anything). I’ll post one to start, and then follow up with a couple more. Just chime in in the comments section, and don’t be afraid to veer a little off course: if a new topic is needed, Hemant, Emily or myself will start it.

1.) “If the Black Church wants to take credit for all of the good things that happen in the lives of black women, it must also take some of the blame for all of the bad things,” says Gorham. How does this statement impact your expectations for the tone of the book? Do you see that as a positive, negative, or mixed statement, and why?