One of the most common ways in which new Pagan groups form, is by hiving off from existing ones. This can be quite an upsetting process if you find it threatening or view it as a rejection of your way of doing things. However, handled well, splitting can be a really great experience. All life depends on cells dividing; it is a perfectly natural process and a way of enabling growth. There is no need to fear it. … [Read more...]

Getting Started

We’ll assume for the purposes of this one that you get some say in what you’re doing when you take on a leadership role.  I know it doesn’t always work like that, but sometimes it does. Even if something falls on you unexpectedly these pointers about how to get started will be somewhat relevant. Quite often the calling is simply to ‘do something’.  That may come from external demand, quite often is comes from within. The desire to be part of a Pagan community can often be what … [Read more...]