Losing your direction

“I’m giving up. I started a moot but no one really came. There doesn’t seem to be any point.” I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen comments like this posted online, and I suspect there are far more people who falter and feel too ashamed to mention it. The things we start do not always thrive. Sometimes they falter, sometimes they fail and when you are new to all of this, it can seem that you, too have failed and that the honourable thing to do is quit. This is not necessarily … [Read more...]


Of all the things that cause headaches for Pagan leaders, money is the most reliable one.  The needy clingers, the bitchraft and the double booked venues are all merely possible challenges and might not happen, but money is certain. Sooner or later you’ll need to think about it. About the only way round the money issue is only to run things that do not cost anything, in venues that are free to use. Eventually some bright spark will decide they want that other thing. There’s the further … [Read more...]

When groups go well

I’ve done a fair bit of ‘doom and gloom’ content about the various problems that often beset Pagan groups. However, sometimes it works. A Pagan group that runs smoothly and co-operates effectively is a thing of joy, a fantastic community to belong to, and likely to get a lot of good stuff done. … [Read more...]

Moots and easy places to start

There are a number of easy ways of doing meet ups. Simply getting people together may be the sum of your intent at this stage. It’s worth noting that once you have Pagans meeting up, there’s every chance that will evolve and as the person who started it, you may be called upon to do other things. Whether you choose to or not is of course entirely up to you. … [Read more...]