Lesson 3: Meditation and Focus

Most of you are probably already familiar with the concept, at least intellectually, of meditation.  So why is an Eastern mystical practice important to Wiccan magick?  Meditation is the simplest way that I am aware of in which to still your mind, remove distractions, and induce a slightly altered state of consciousness that accesses the astral plane.

We’re going to do a couple of basic exercises to teach you this art.  If you already meditate regularly, you may want to skip this lesson.

It is traditionally recommended that you begin to practice meditation in the morning when you are fully rested, because in our culture of busy-ness, we are trained from a young age that being relaxed and drifting into an altered state of consciousness means that you are sleeping, and so you may fall asleep if you try to meditate!  I think you should pick a time of day that works for you when distractions are unlikely, regardless of when or where that is.  I think it is better to meditate for even a short period of time, and frequently, than not do it at all.  Maybe even do it on the bus on your morning work commute, or in the carpool!  (It really should go without saying that you don’t want to try this while you are driving, but just in case, I will actually mention that!)  In addition to your other assignments, I would like to you find five to 15 minutes every day to meditate.


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