Lesson 10: Asking for What You Really Want

Understanding Your Motivations

I don’t suppose I have to point out by now how important it is to understand your own motivations.  You really can be your own worst enemy.  Why do you want what it is that you are doing magick to obtain?  Is that really what you want, or do you just think that you want it?

For example, suppose you decide that you want to do magick to get a promotion at work.  Why do you want that promotion?  Is it because you hate the job you are in and you would rather have another one?  Is it because you need more money?  Is it because you want more responsibility in your life?  Is it because you would like the prestige of having a “higher” position?  Maybe you should be doing magick for more money or more prestige instead of the promotion.

Also, why do you want whatever it is that you think you want?  Are you keeping in mind the greater good of all involved?  Do you only think that you know what that greater good is?


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