Lesson 16: True Will

Aleister Crowley and True WillCeremonial magicians often speak of something called “True Will.”  True Will is your innermost desire, as well as a sense of destiny.  People in the New Age community call it “Serendipity.”  Some people believe that the god(s) sent us here for a specific purpose, and when we have accomplished this purpose, then we will pass into the next realm and perhaps be sent back later for a different purpose.  Magicians believe in a similar philosophy, except that they believe that we have chosen this said purpose before we were matter.  Sometimes that True Will is at cross-purposes with what we think we want at the time.  We feel thwarted, and we think our magick hasn’t worked, but this is where understanding what you really want is so important.

A personal example – I tried for two years to have a baby, and I finally got pregnant and I was so happy.  I did everything that the midwife said to do.  I joined prenatal yoga, I ate right, I drank teas supposed to be helpful, and so forth.  At about three months I miscarried, and I and my husband were heartbroken and angry.  I had done everything right, but it all went wrong anyway. Two and a half years after that I was in Port Coquitlam staying with a dear friend and sister priestess while my husband lay in Vancouver General Hospital literally on the brink of death.  I had signed four papers for major surgeries and he was in the longest of them while I waited; the repairing of his shattered arm, and a nerve graft.  And I realized with a start that if I had carried that baby to term, she (I thought of her as a “she,” though of course I don’t really know) would have been two years old.  I was incredibly relieved and grateful that I did not have to go through all this horror and chaos with a two year old!  My True Will knew that this experience was coming down the pipe and knew that I could not do both.


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