Lesson 21: Doing the Real-World Work

Put Your Nose to the Grindstone!Sometimes, a spell might take so long to manifest that it seems like it’s a hopeless cause.  You would be amazed how often I hear about this!  A friend of mine did a spell to get a new job, and it took her months and months to find beneficial employment.  Her spell seemed sound, her training was sufficient to the task, and she didn’t have any immediate enemies who were likely hexing her.  But then I asked her, “So where have you applied?” thinking that maybe she was looking for work in fields she hated and was radiating her true lack of interest when she went to applications and interviews, and she said, “Oh, I haven’t.”  I blinked at her.  I inquired, “Have you called anybody?  Have you written any emails for positions advertised online?”  And she said that she had not.  Apparently, she was waiting for the job to find her!  Well, I thought it should be common sense that your chances of finding a job increase significantly when you actually go out and look for one!

“The Gods help those who help themselves.”[1]  So in order to increase your chances of success, you need to actually do what you can in the real, physical world to bring about your Intent through the “normal” channels.


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