Lesson 29: Methods of Trance Induction

Trance InductionThere are hundreds of different methods of inducing a trance, which can be classified by the means used:

1.  Auditory and rhythmic driving (drumming, music, guided meditations, etc.);

2.  Kinesthetic driving (dancing, mudras, rituals, yoga, breathing and sexual stimulation);

3.  Visual driving (visual meditations, mandala, pendulums, film, art, yantra, strobe lights, cloud-watching, etc.);

4.  Olfactory driving (perfume, incense, oils, pheromones, flowers, and any scent that has emotional associations);

5.  Gustatory driving, which is taste and ingestion (herbs, starvation, hallucinogens, alcohol, stimulants, aphrodisiacs and other drugs);

6.  Disciplines (yoga, Sufism, transcendental meditation, rituals);

7.  Trauma (traumatic accident, piercing, scourging, sleep deprivation, decompression sickness, fever);

8.  Naturally-occurring (dreams, lucid dreams, euphoria, ecstasy, psychosis, out-of-body experiences, visions, ESP and channeling.)

The other six of the Eight Paths of Power teach you different methods of creating an altered state of consciousness – a trance – to focus your innate magickal talents.

* Feel free to review the videos in Lesson 26 and Lesson 27 to review methods of trance induction *


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