Lesson 26: Review of “Intent” and Self-Evaluation

Well, conveniently the New Year is around the corner, and we have finished the first unit on Intent.  Congratulations! Good job for sticking with it!  How do you feel you are doing so far?  Take some time now to review what you've learned, and consider what you might be able to do to improve upon that work.  You can write in your magickal journal or Book of Shadows, or simply run through a mental evaluation for your own purposes.  Go over anything you feel you didn't grasp; catch up … [Read more...]

Lesson 12: A Magickal Checklist

So here’s the kicker about real magick; you have to care whether or not it works!  And then you have to invest it with energy to make it happen.  I call this process “Investing Your Intent.” Exercise 12:  Magickal Journaling Do you remember me telling you about a Witch’s Book of Shadows, or a magickal diary?  Make a habit of recording your spellwork in your book.  Name the date and the day of the week, the time, the phase of the moon when you performed the spell, any significant … [Read more...]