Lesson 13: When Magick Goes Awry

Sometimes, you will find that your magick actually is effective, but it seems to go horribly wrong.  Let’s discuss what can happen and the reasons why. The magick didn’t work the way you wanted it to. Perhaps you did a spell to give you more time on your hands.  As a result, you lost your job and now you are on Unemployment.  Not helpful.  But you did get exactly what you asked for, didn’t you?  Remember, magick takes the path of least resistance.  The easiest thing for it to do in … [Read more...]

Lesson 12: A Magickal Checklist

So here’s the kicker about real magick; you have to care whether or not it works!  And then you have to invest it with energy to make it happen.  I call this process “Investing Your Intent.” Exercise 12:  Magickal Journaling Do you remember me telling you about a Witch’s Book of Shadows, or a magickal diary?  Make a habit of recording your spellwork in your book.  Name the date and the day of the week, the time, the phase of the moon when you performed the spell, any significant … [Read more...]

Lesson 11: The Witch’s Pyramid

Exercise 13: The Witch’s Pyramid (Four Powers of the Magician) You may have heard of these, but perhaps you are not aware of what they are.  I hope to guide you through them and apply them to your magickal working, and perhaps, your everyday life.   We’re going to work through the Pyramid and use it to create more effective spellwork.  Let’s start in the East. The Witches' Pyramid … [Read more...]

Lesson 10: Asking for What You Really Want

Understanding Your Motivations I don’t suppose I have to point out by now how important it is to understand your own motivations.  You really can be your own worst enemy.  Why do you want what it is that you are doing magick to obtain?  Is that really what you want, or do you just think that you want it? For example, suppose you decide that you want to do magick to get a promotion at work.  Why do you want that promotion?  Is it because you hate the job you are in and you would rather … [Read more...]

Lesson 9: Magickal Ethics

I’d like to talk a little about personal responsibility.  To start with, why are you reading this blog? Most people who develop an interest in the practice of magick want personal empowerment.  There is nothing wrong with that; empowering people is why I teach this subject so passionately, and my interest stems from the fact that when I first began studying active magickal practice as a teenager, I felt pretty disempowered in my own life.  Magick, for me, was therapy as well as … [Read more...]

Lesson 8: Know Thyself

It is said that the doors of Eleusis boasted the inscription, “Know Thyself.”  We have to make our minds quiet for long enough to know what the subconscious is really saying.  What do we really believe about ourselves and the world at our core?  There are many ways to work towards this goal, from psychoanalysis to soul retrieval.  They are all effective, and the more healing you do for your Younger Self (and the better you understand it) the better you will become at changing … [Read more...]

Lesson 7: Subconscious Beliefs

Malcolm Gladwell’s excellent book “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking,” describes how we, as human beings, “thin-slice” a topic in order to make a quick decision. We sift through a great deal of information in a split second based on information that we aren’t even aware that we know, stored by our subconscious minds. It could be psychic abilities (we are talking about magick and I do believe in such things,) or it could be that we have stored more information than we … [Read more...]

Lesson 6: The Three Selves and Learning Styles

The Three Selves Freud’s model of consciousness discusses three levels of mind; the conscious mind or ego, the subconscious mind or id, and higher consciousness, called the superego.  Feri Wicca refers to these respectively as “Talking Self,” “Younger Self,” and “Higher Self”.  Talking Self cannot communicate directly with Higher Self.  The only way to communicate with Higher Self is through Younger Self. Younger Self is, of course, the id.  The id does not understand … [Read more...]

Lesson 5: More on Magickal Visualization

The principle of magickal visualization is to attract something into your life by investing it with emotional energy and the power of your Will.  The more clearly you visualize something, the more effective you will be at bringing it into your life.  The more you want it, or the more you focus on it, the more you will attract it.  The purpose of the exercises you have just completed was to hone your skills of observation to make you a more effective “visualizer”. How does this work?  … [Read more...]

Chat Tomorrow Night! July 23, 2013

Subscriber chat is tomorrow night at 6:30 pm.  I'll stay online until 7 pm and then I'm packing down for the evening if there is no one on.  You'll have to sign up for Spreecast; the link will only be visible to subscribers below.  See you then! … [Read more...]