Lesson 39: Traumatic Driving

Some trances are driven entirely by traumas or suffering.  Pain has a rhythm, and a consciousness-changing effect, all its own.  We’ll be revisiting this in Chapter Seven. Exercise 38:  Breathe Through the Pain I would not advocate deliberately causing yourself pain, but the next time that you experience a significant pain, rather than reaching for the nearest painkiller, try “breathing through the pain.”  This will look and feel a lot like Lamaze techniques.  Be aware of the cycles … [Read more...]

Lesson 32: Sleep Magick

Sleeping is a natural state of altered consciousness that every human being experiences.  And sleeping facilitates dreaming, which is perhaps the most interesting naturally-induced altered state of consciousness we know of.  We require dreaming.  Without it, our bodies and minds do not heal, and you really can die from lack of sleep. Dreaming lends itself very well to psychic work with some conscious effort.  My first psychic experiences were dreams that came true.  I started having them … [Read more...]

Lesson 31: Trance Induction and Dream Recollection

Some people find trancing really easy, almost too easy maybe.  Others find it extremely difficult.  There are two major factors that seem to affect this ability.  One is how much imagination and creativity you tend to exercise.  People who read novels voraciously, engage in artistic and creative pursuits, or who simply daydream frequently without becoming bored, often have a much easier time of learning how to trance than those who spend most of their waking conscious hours engaged in … [Read more...]

Lesson 29: Methods of Trance Induction

There are hundreds of different methods of inducing a trance, which can be classified by the means used: 1.  Auditory and rhythmic driving (drumming, music, guided meditations, etc.); 2.  Kinesthetic driving (dancing, mudras, rituals, yoga, breathing and sexual stimulation); 3.  Visual driving (visual meditations, mandala, pendulums, film, art, yantra, strobe lights, cloud-watching, etc.); 4.  Olfactory driving (perfume, incense, oils, pheromones, flowers, and any scent that has … [Read more...]

Lesson 27: Introduction to Trance

Magick is the art of changing consciousness in conformity with Will. -          Dion Fortune Welcome to the second unit in the Witch's Eight Paths of Power!  In Gerald Gardner's Book of Shadows, the second of the Eight Paths, which he called the Eightfold Way, was "Trance; Projection of the Astral."  Why don't we dive right in? What, exactly, is a trance? Technically, any state of consciousness; awake, asleep, comatose, hypnotized, and otherwise, is a “trance.”  But when … [Read more...]

Lesson 20: Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

This post is entirely available to the general public.  Please pass it on to your friends.  May it derail potential Witch Wars everywhere! Ideally in Wicca, a group comes together “in perfect love and perfect trust.”  Certainly this isn't always possible or even desirable, but when you come together to work magickally, you need to put aside your personal differences and issues before you attempt ritual.  This is just as true for your own personal Work.  And if you have difficulties … [Read more...]

Lesson 16: True Will

Ceremonial magicians often speak of something called “True Will.”  True Will is your innermost desire, as well as a sense of destiny.  People in the New Age community call it “Serendipity.”  Some people believe that the god(s) sent us here for a specific purpose, and when we have accomplished this purpose, then we will pass into the next realm and perhaps be sent back later for a different purpose.  Magicians believe in a similar philosophy, except that they believe that we have … [Read more...]

Lesson 15: Facing a Conflict of Wills

Magick takes the path of least resistance.  It is lazy.  Like most energy, it will do what is easiest.  “An object at rest tends to stay at rest; an object in motion tends to stay in motion.”  This is as true in metaphysics as it is in physics.  So why make it work harder than it has to? Magick can be much more difficult when you are working against the status quo.  The path is the “road less travelled,”[1] so to speak.  All the current works against you and it makes things … [Read more...]

Lesson 6: The Three Selves and Learning Styles

The Three Selves Freud’s model of consciousness discusses three levels of mind; the conscious mind or ego, the subconscious mind or id, and higher consciousness, called the superego.  Feri Wicca refers to these respectively as “Talking Self,” “Younger Self,” and “Higher Self”.  Talking Self cannot communicate directly with Higher Self.  The only way to communicate with Higher Self is through Younger Self. Younger Self is, of course, the id.  The id does not understand … [Read more...]