Lesson 28: Trance and the Brain

Our brains function through waves of activity.  These patterns, measured in cycles per second (hertz) have different characteristics.  Anyone can enter these different consciousness levels; we do it all the time.  The trick is to do so voluntarily. During “normal” waking consciousness we function at the beta level.  This indicates that we are awake and alert, doing our daily work, learning or interacting with people.    This is the level of consciousness that deals with math, … [Read more...]

Lesson 27: Introduction to Trance

Magick is the art of changing consciousness in conformity with Will. -          Dion Fortune Welcome to the second unit in the Witch's Eight Paths of Power!  In Gerald Gardner's Book of Shadows, the second of the Eight Paths, which he called the Eightfold Way, was "Trance; Projection of the Astral."  Why don't we dive right in? What, exactly, is a trance? Technically, any state of consciousness; awake, asleep, comatose, hypnotized, and otherwise, is a “trance.”  But when … [Read more...]