Lesson 49: Aura Sight and Psychic Healing

Healing Wisdom Trance states are also used for healing.  There have been numerous studies that substantiate the effects of psychic healing, either through prayer or touch.  If you can find it, there is an excellent book out there on this subject called "The Medium, the Mystic and the Physicist."[1] One form of energetic healing that has gained popular acceptance from more "mainstream" medical environments like palliative care facilities and cancer clinics is Reiki, a form of energetic … [Read more...]

Lesson 48: Automatic Writing and Basic Channeling

Exercise 50:  Automatic Writing This is really just another form of spirit communication, but it is also elemental channeling. Take a pen and paper; or if you are a touch typist, you might prefer a computer keyboard.  Decide in advance what sort of entity you might wish to reach.  Perhaps you would like to communicate with a lost loved one, a totem spirit, a spirit guide, or perhaps a god or goddess who appeals to you. Create a sacred space by forming the white bubble of light and the … [Read more...]

Lesson 47: Spirit Communication

Exercise 49: Spirit Communication There are several different methods of communicating with spirits if that's something you would like to do.  Here are some of the simplest. Scrying Mirror The same sorts of surfaces which are effective for scrying are also effective in communicating with spirits.  Make sure that you bless them first and set your intent; that only beings that have positive intentions towards you are welcome.  This prevents those negative entities I've mentioned from … [Read more...]

Lesson 46: Mediumship (Seeing Dead People)

It is a belief of most Witches and Magicians that not all of the sentient beings that exist in the Universe are physical.  Many of them exist only in spirit; which is to say, they are beings of pure consciousness.  Some of them were once physical (like ghosts) and others never were (like many of the Fair Folk.)  Some do have physical forms, but their connection with that form presents in a way that makes beta-level communication difficult or impossible (like elementals.)  Some of them … [Read more...]

Lesson 45: Scrying

Scrying is the art of the oracle, to gaze into a reflective surface for visions or intuitive insights.  In this lesson I will show you how this is done! Exercise 48: Scrying Find a reflective surface.  The ideal is something dark and reflective, like a puddle, a deep pool of water, or even your blank TV or computer screen.  Witches have also used darkened mirrors or lenses, crystal balls, flat reflective stones, and cauldrons filled with water, to name but a few options.  Try to position … [Read more...]

Lesson 44: Psychic Dice Games

Last week I offered some card game exercises to practice your psychic skills with.  This week, I've got a few things you can do with ordinary dice! … [Read more...]

Lesson 43: Psychic Card Tricks

Exercise 46: Psychic Card Tricks Get a deck of regular playing cards; or if you prefer, you can find “ESP cards” at your local metaphysical store.  The ESP cards are based on “Zener cards” (developed by perceptual psychologist Karl Zener,) and they use a five-symbol system instead of a four-symbol system for greater clarity and accuracy.  They are designed to test the existence of ESP through statistics, and those statistics are useful to us as a guide to indicate how we are doing.  … [Read more...]

News: The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power Book Now Available to Preorder!

Just thought I'd let you all know that the book is now ready to be preordered at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Books.  Ordering before the September 1 release date, you'll save 28% off the cover price and it will cost you a little less than $15 USD, so now is the time to get it!  Thanks for all your support and I hope you're enjoying the blog so far! … [Read more...]

Lesson 42: ESP and Parapsychology

I have mentioned several times that shifting consciousness is the way by which you access your psychic abilities.  Now we’re going to practice some of that!  Let me begin by reassuring you that this is not as hard as it sounds.  Some of you will struggle at it more than others, just like some people have an easier time in math, or P.E., or art class, but I can tell you that with persistence, anybody is capable of using this skill.  Practice makes perfect! ESP and Parapsychology Most of … [Read more...]

Lesson 39: Traumatic Driving

Some trances are driven entirely by traumas or suffering.  Pain has a rhythm, and a consciousness-changing effect, all its own.  We’ll be revisiting this in Chapter Seven. Exercise 38:  Breathe Through the Pain I would not advocate deliberately causing yourself pain, but the next time that you experience a significant pain, rather than reaching for the nearest painkiller, try “breathing through the pain.”  This will look and feel a lot like Lamaze techniques.  Be aware of the cycles … [Read more...]