Lesson 21: Doing the Real-World Work

Sometimes, a spell might take so long to manifest that it seems like it’s a hopeless cause.  You would be amazed how often I hear about this!  A friend of mine did a spell to get a new job, and it took her months and months to find beneficial employment.  Her spell seemed sound, her training was sufficient to the task, and she didn’t have any immediate enemies who were likely hexing her.  But then I asked her, “So where have you applied?” thinking that maybe she was looking for work … [Read more...]

Lesson 20: Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

This post is entirely available to the general public.  Please pass it on to your friends.  May it derail potential Witch Wars everywhere! Ideally in Wicca, a group comes together “in perfect love and perfect trust.”  Certainly this isn't always possible or even desirable, but when you come together to work magickally, you need to put aside your personal differences and issues before you attempt ritual.  This is just as true for your own personal Work.  And if you have difficulties … [Read more...]

Lesson 19: Aligning Intent as a Group

When working magick together as a group, it is necessary that everyone’s Intent be in as perfect alignment as possible.  Otherwise, you will end up with conflicts of Wills working against the same spell!  From a magickal perspective, this is the purpose of ritual.  Using common symbols, and a common framework to visualize in, gives everyone involved something to focus on together, and since everyone is taking part in the same “story,” this aligns everyone’s Intent.  This is also why … [Read more...]

Lesson 18: From the Astral to the Material

Now it’s time to bring your Intent into the physical realm.  Magick doesn't end with the casting of the spell.  There are a couple of things that you need to do – and not do! – in order to make your Intent manifest. Don’t Give the Universe an “Opt-Out” Option! It’s important when you’re casting your spell, and when you’re working to make it manifest, that you not give the Universe an “opt-out” option. Have you ever heard that quotation, “Every day, people are … [Read more...]

Lesson 17: Manifestation

Now that we've Set the Spell, and considered motivation, we need to take this statement and translate it into something that Younger Self understands.  My statement is too long and it has too many words in it.  I need to either simplify it, or perhaps make symbols and a picture out of it. So what I’m going to do is draw a picture of me signing books in a bookstore.  I’m smiling and there are lots bills with dollar signs on them sticking out of my back pocket or my purse.  My husband … [Read more...]

Lesson 16: True Will

Ceremonial magicians often speak of something called “True Will.”  True Will is your innermost desire, as well as a sense of destiny.  People in the New Age community call it “Serendipity.”  Some people believe that the god(s) sent us here for a specific purpose, and when we have accomplished this purpose, then we will pass into the next realm and perhaps be sent back later for a different purpose.  Magicians believe in a similar philosophy, except that they believe that we have … [Read more...]

Lesson 15: Facing a Conflict of Wills

Magick takes the path of least resistance.  It is lazy.  Like most energy, it will do what is easiest.  “An object at rest tends to stay at rest; an object in motion tends to stay in motion.”  This is as true in metaphysics as it is in physics.  So why make it work harder than it has to? Magick can be much more difficult when you are working against the status quo.  The path is the “road less travelled,”[1] so to speak.  All the current works against you and it makes things … [Read more...]

Lesson 14: Setting the Spell

When you have answered the questions from the previous lesson to your satisfaction, move on to the next exercise.  We are going to cast a spell! Exercise 14:  Setting the Spell First, consider your responses in the previous exercise. Begin by coming up with a phrase that expresses your desire as clearly and concisely as you possibly can.  Be specific!  For instance, if you are doing a spell to bring a male lover into your life, and you don’t like hairy men, say that!  You can set … [Read more...]

Lesson 13: When Magick Goes Awry

Sometimes, you will find that your magick actually is effective, but it seems to go horribly wrong.  Let’s discuss what can happen and the reasons why. The magick didn’t work the way you wanted it to. Perhaps you did a spell to give you more time on your hands.  As a result, you lost your job and now you are on Unemployment.  Not helpful.  But you did get exactly what you asked for, didn’t you?  Remember, magick takes the path of least resistance.  The easiest thing for it to do in … [Read more...]

Lesson 11: The Witch’s Pyramid

Exercise 13: The Witch’s Pyramid (Four Powers of the Magician) You may have heard of these, but perhaps you are not aware of what they are.  I hope to guide you through them and apply them to your magickal working, and perhaps, your everyday life.   We’re going to work through the Pyramid and use it to create more effective spellwork.  Let’s start in the East. The Witches' Pyramid … [Read more...]