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Alyce M. McKenzie Jul 08, 2014
Just because we are susceptible to sin doesn't mean we're doomed to be sinners.
Alyce M. McKenzie Jun 29, 2014
Taking on Jesus' yoke also means laying down certain burdens that are no longer necessary for us to carry.
Alyce M. McKenzie Jun 19, 2014
When we give our lives away for some purpose beyond ourselves, that paradoxically results in a gain. As Christians we would call that the reward of the righteous.
Alyce M. McKenzie Jun 15, 2014
What observations and admonitions for life are on your "string of beads" you wear into the world?
Alyce M. McKenzie Apr 27, 2014
How long will the disciples continue down the road without recognizing that the Risen Jesus walks with them? How long will you and I walk with them?
Alyce M. McKenzie Apr 10, 2014
Why is it that we so often only hear the first half of Jesus' prediction: "The Son of Man will suffer and be killed..." and forget what comes next?
Alyce M. McKenzie Apr 03, 2014
Holy Week is our annual opportunity to choose courage over cowardice, to choose to be a shouting stone rather than a silent disciple.
Alyce M. McKenzie Mar 30, 2014
The lesson of the raising of Lazarus, as it foreshadows the raising of Jesus, is that nothing has the power to prevail over God's power to resurrect God's Son.
Alyce M. McKenzie Mar 23, 2014
It seems to me that the man born blind must have had pretty keen spiritual sight long before he received his physical sight.
Alyce M. McKenzie Mar 14, 2014
As we stand beside a deep well with no bucket, our spiritual sustenance is not a far-off prize to be earned, but a close resource, around us and within us and available in each passing moment.
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