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Alyce McKenzie Jul 29, 2015
I'm not as concerned about the future of religion in America as I am about the future of God in America.
Alyce M. McKenzie Oct 27, 2014
As we remember those who have passed away this Sunday, let us allow their memory to inspire us to remember that we are all children of God, right now.
Alyce M. McKenzie Oct 16, 2014
Life is not a continuous-loop Happy Channel for the Thessalonians or for Paul in working with them ... or for us.
Alyce M. McKenzie Oct 06, 2014
When we tire of the endless struggle to master our anxiety by summoning our own inner resolve, let’s acknowledge that we’ve come to the end of our human abilities and need to call for help.
Alyce M. McKenzie Sep 30, 2014
For Paul, perseverance is a way to get closer to Christ. It means not looking back, but looking ahead toward Christ with single-minded purpose.
Alyce M. McKenzie Sep 19, 2014
Jesus came to earth to be level with you and level with me. So why would any of us still keep our eyes cast down, making ourselves lower than our Savior views us?
Alyce M. McKenzie Sep 16, 2014
Paul can smile and say "thank you" to God -- especially in prison -- because he has learned to set and reset his focus on the presence of Christ and his mission as Christ's servant.
Alyce M. McKenzie Sep 08, 2014
Who is the person who is wise? The one who has the ability to learn something from every person.
Alyce M. McKenzie Sep 04, 2014
Paul says there is one claim on our lives that trumps all others—the claim of love. Let that be the ringtone that wakes us up each day.
Alyce M. McKenzie Aug 18, 2014
What made Paul think of this body metaphor for the church?
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