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Rethinking Youth Ministry
Brian Kirk Dec 12, 2012
Why as people of faith do we find The Walking Dead series so compelling? It turns out that the season of Advent just might hold an answer.
Rethinking Youth Ministry
Brian Kirk Nov 08, 2012
How did I miss this obvious opportunity all these years to lead teens to the Kingdom of God by way of Middle Earth?
Brian Kirk May 16, 2012
As you walk the unexplored path ahead, hold tight to your bliss, be open to taking some unplanned detours, and make some room for doubt and uncertainty.
Rethinking Youth Ministry
Brian Kirk Apr 01, 2012
Will young Christian fans of The Hunger Games get the deeper message around how we might choose to respond to violence?
Rethinking Youth Ministry
Brian Kirk Feb 23, 2012
Recent polls would indicate that "Glee's" live-and-let-live attitude toward sexual politics and religion are in line with much of the population in the United States.
Brian Kirk Jan 27, 2012
Cathleen Falsani talks about her new book on Justin Bieber and why a 40-something Christian mom was inspired to write about the pop idol.
Brian Kirk Jan 19, 2012
A progressive youth minister invites his teens to respond to the viral video "Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus."
Brian Kirk Dec 14, 2011
I wonder what the teens in our own communities are waiting for this Advent season? What's the Advent message they need to hear?
Brian Kirk Nov 23, 2011
The miracle of Christ's birth hardly seems to be an apt metaphor for Justin's receiving a Christmas kiss, but perhaps we should cut this young guy some slack.
Rethinking Youth Ministry
Brian Kirk Nov 02, 2011
Many of our teens are too young to participate in Occupy Wall Street. But they are certainly ready to Occupy the Church. Are we ready to let their voices be heard?
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