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Deacon Greg Kandra May 17, 2013
Pope Francis has already been very good for the publishing industry.
Deacon Greg Kandra Jan 14, 2013
Would a change of posture at Holy Communion help to sharpen our perspective, as well?
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Deacon Greg Kandra Oct 09, 2012
If you haven't used your Rosary in a little while, the Year of Faith is an opportunity to become reacquainted with this powerful prayer.
Deacon Greg Kandra Jan 30, 2012
Seven minutes to turn a heart; how one Catholic deacon prepares and preaches a Sunday homily.
Deacon Greg Kandra Nov 01, 2011
Imagine walking for miles, stopping overnight to sleep, in order to attend mass -- and the kind of priest that experience makes of you.
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Deacon Greg Kandra Sep 08, 2011
A decade after 9/11, we live in a perpetual 9/12, waiting for the next shoe to drop, uncertain what it will be or even if we'll recognize it.
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Deacon Greg Kandra Aug 02, 2011
A church with a crying baby is a church that is alive, with a promise of tomorrow.
Deacon Greg Kandra Jul 26, 2011
Sometimes it seems like Catholics dress better to go to a restaurant than to take Communion with the King of Heaven
Deacon Greg Kandra Jul 05, 2011
Thanks to Facebook, many of us have more friends than we know. But how can thousands of friendships be meaningful?
Deacon Greg Kandra Jun 21, 2011
In his first audio broadcast, John Corapi said the sacramental life was only 10 percent of his priesthood. That might explain a lot.
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