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Deborah Arca Feb 09, 2016
"God needs nothing, asks nothing, and demands nothing, like the stars. It is life with God which demands these things... You do not have to sit outside in the dark. If, however, you want to look at th...
Deborah Arca Feb 08, 2016
The hope I think we need is what I call a prophetic pessimism — a hope grounded in the lament tradition of prophecy that calls out the ills and systematic oppression facing society.
Deborah Arca Feb 04, 2016
"A people's movement that reflects the demographic of our state and is willing to follow the leadership of people of color — that gives me hope that a Third Reconstruction is possible. We have the capacity to become the country we've not yet been."
Deborah Arca Feb 04, 2016
What is the one issue every community of faith should be addressing from the pulpit, the classroom, in the community, on social media and in the public square? Dismantling racism.
Deborah Arca Feb 04, 2016
"We need to change laws and efforts at justice, yes, but we also need to change vision and hearts so that when people see a young black child playing, they see just that — a child. Not a criminal or a threat. A child."
Deborah Arca Feb 04, 2016
"Black women have always made Black history and continue to make Black history with spirit and grace. When Black women get free, we will all get free."
Deborah Arca Feb 01, 2016
RISEN, a new movie from Sony Films, arrives in theaters February 19, just after we've begun our collective Lenten journey toward Easter. In this latest, big-studio rendering of the epic Biblical story...
Deborah Arca Jan 26, 2016
No joke: a pastor walks into a bar and starts a church.Also no joke: it works.Five years later, the Rev. Jerry Herships' AfterHours Denver is a thriving bar ministry with a real-world mission to feed ...
Deborah Arca Jan 25, 2016
"Theology that is living, life-giving and mattering today can't be what it used to be." -- Tripp Fuller, Director of Theology and Humanities, Hatchery LA, and founder, Homebrewed ChristianityPatheos i...
Deborah Arca Jan 19, 2016
"The truth is people are already suffering from addiction in our pews. The issue is whether we will move out of our denial and respond with grace, healing, and unconditional love." -- Jonathan Benz, a...
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