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Dilshad D. Ali Feb 28, 2012
American Muslim activists, academics, and students air their concerns on the dwindling trust between New York's Muslim community and the police department.
Dilshad D. Ali Aug 25, 2011
A new report from the Center for American Progress exposes the key players and funding in a tightly knit Islamophobia network.
Dilshad D. Ali Aug 02, 2011
For American Muslims, Ramadan can be a time to tell our story -- to show the full beauty of our faith.
Dilshad D. Ali Jul 21, 2011
What's an American Muslim to say to Herman Cain?
Dilshad D. Ali Jun 30, 2011
Why do so many misconceptions about Muslim women persist? Who defines American Muslim women? A new book seeks to defy labels and show the diversity of what it means to be American, Muslim, and female.
Dilshad D. Ali Jun 23, 2011
A new film and social media project called "My Fellow American" invites Americans to think about how Muslims are part of this country.
Dilshad D. Ali Jun 15, 2011
Republican presidential candidates Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich say that they want American Muslims to take a loyalty test. Since when is it acceptable to ask some Americans to prove their allegiance?
Dilshad D. Ali Jun 07, 2011
Many Muslim female athletes around the world compete while covering their body and wearing headscarves. But for Iran's women's soccer team, wearing their headscarves means they'll be missing the 2012 Olympics in London.
Dilshad D. Ali May 27, 2011
Saudi women are gearing up for a June 17 protest in which they'll go behind the wheel to fight for the right to drive. Will the Kingdom finally give in?
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